Sunday, January 22, 2012

When I Grow Up

I had the privelege over the weekend to see a women's college basketball game. Now, as you may know I work in a sports-centric industry and am somewhat of a sports nut. However, basketball has never been at the top of my list...maybe I secretly resent it because I've never been tall enough to play. But basketball runs in my genes. You see my dad was a star bball player back in the day. He was one of the best players in South Carolina and even went to college on a basketball scholarship.

(this picture is from his Senior year of High School....wasn't he a looker?!) Look at those shorts and socks! haha!!

Anyway, basketball played a major part in my dads life so in his honor I have his basketball number, 24, inked on me.

But yesterday, during the game, I noticed real athleticism. Did I mention that these were WOMEN playing. They were hustling up and down the court (full sprints!), they were coordinated, aggressive, and incredibly skilled. It was really inspiring. These girls were as good as any mens team and the game was incredibly exciting to watch! I was jealous [and I mean that in the best way possible].

When I grow up...I want to be a basketball player! There are so many benefits...

First of all they are in INSANE shape. I read that on average in a game they can run about 10 miles...seriously...I knew they were doing a ton of running but TEN miles while dribbling and basically fighting other basketball chicks off you is no joke.

There is also the possibility that your life will turn out a lot like Sanaa Lathan's character (Sydney) in Love and Baskeball (aka my favorite movie ever...)

Because obviously as a women's player you get to hang out with the boys team all the time too right? Who doesn't want to fall in love and play basketball with a hot player like my "not-so-secret" crush D-Wade.

I usually go for football players but for Mr. Wade I will definitely make an exception...look at those arms...mmmmm.

OK back to reality.

The fact of the matter is that watching women's basketball made me realize that being a young, fab, free, and fit girl is pretty cool and definitely something that I aspire to be. All female athletes are inspiring to me. I want to be one and I'm definitely working on it.

Have a good week :-)

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  1. haha benefit #2 made me chuckle :)

    AND papa looker! love it!