Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I got my W-2's today. Normally I would be excited at the thought of getting a little extra shopping money from Uncle Sam but for some reason this time I got an eerie feeling. It was like suddenly I transitioned from a "college-kid" to a real life adult. I mean I've been out of college for awhile now and this is like the 8th W-2 I've gotten in my life. The only thing was this one felt different. I can't be an adult! I still have some horrible non-adult-like habits.

I don't always wash my face before bed. Let me explain...I have been blessed with the wonderful gift of good skin so I don't wear a lot of makeup and I only break out (which for me is one pimple) around the same time as Mother Nature's Monthly Gift. So I don't feel the need to wash my face and waste all that soap. Or maybe I'm just lazy. Either way I usually wake up slightly resembling a racoon and wash my face first thing after I wake up. (I am however deathly afraid of the dentist so I'm an amazing tooth brusher!)

I have terrible road rage. This is kind of ironic because I'm not the best driver (mostly because I get bored while driving and pay more attention to the radio or whatever I'm thinking about than the road) HOWEVER, let one person cut me off or drive 55 mph in the fast lane and I lay on my horn. I once took my car in for service and they tried to upsell me one of those packages where they say the check everything and then charge you $ of the things they were going to check was the horn. I just laughed. I check that daily.

Nothing creeps me out more than ear wax. I'm not even going to share the story about seeing another persons ear wax...built up in the ear...ewww...okay I think you get it. After this horrible experience, I've been slightly obsessed with not having waxy ears which means that my gross at home habit consist of me constantly cleaning out my ears. Weird. I know. Once I even got an ear infection but the doctor said I cleaned it too much and the ear wax couldn't serve its purpose of keeping the germs out. Whoops. Ear wax is still gross.

I am NO housewife. I'm a horrible cook (ask my dad about the time I tried to make mac and cheese) and I hate all chores. I hate cleaning. I hate washing dishes. I hate folding clothes. I hate sweeping. I hate mopping. I hate vacuming. I hate making my bed. I hate dusting. I hate everything related to housework except a maid. I'm sure the ladies of Real Housewives of ATL would agree. (I saw Phaedra shopping a few weeks ago and I think she would agree the most!)

You see...I'm no adult. Adults don't behave this way. I'm in adulthood limbo. I'm living and adult hood facade. I'm not an adult. I'm a....twenty-five.

So tell me...what are some of your bad habits??

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