Thursday, March 22, 2012


Happy Friday-Eve!! I am SO ready for the weekend. I have a ton going on, I need a work break, and I want to schedule 2 hours to see the Hunger Games. We'll see how that goes!!

Anyway, because work has been insane not much else is going on. I was reading Ashley's blog and she did a fun game so I'm going to continue it on....

I AM...choking due to the extremely high level of pollen floating in the air. It sucks because I've never suffered from season allergies before now.
I WANT...a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes and a banging body (is that too much to ask?)
A mere $700...justifiable...right?...
I HAVE...lots of clothes that don't fit (blessing and a curse) so I need to go shopping.
I WISH...well I can't tell you because then it won't come true ;-)
I HATE...bad drivers. Sometimes I don't know whats more stressful, my commute to work or work itself.
I FEAR...losing people I love before they know how much I truly care about them
I HEAR...that someone close to me is having a hard time and I hate it. I wish I could take it away and hurt for them so they don't have to
I SEARCH...for the remote. Constantly. I can never find it and when I do that means I don't know where my cell phone is. I never have both.

I WONDER...about my future.
I REGRET...I don't. Learn Something. Move on.
I LOVE...being Young, Fabulous, and Free
I ALWAYS...check my emails, facebook, and the weather before I get out of bed in the morning
I USUALLY...have something sweet after every meal. I try not to deprive myself.
I want to french kiss whoever invented these. AMAZING.
I AM NOT...interested in arguing about Politics. I think its personal.
I the car because I hate driving and I hate traffic and thats the only way to get me through it
I SING...horribly, while dancing in traffic (usually with all the windows down) and I have no shame
I NEVER...want to skydiving or bungee driving. NO. DESIRE.
I RARELY...use swear words. I try to use euphemisms like "fudge" or "arse"
I sad movies and at everything during TOM
I AM NOT laid back as I seem. I just hide my "frenzied state" really well
I'M how stuff works, like cars (I don't know if its that I'm confused or that I just don't care)
I get back into good eating habits if I'm ever going to get that "banging body"

I SHOULD...go to bed ASAP since I have training at 5:30 AM
I have a good weekend!

I hope that you guys have a great weekend too!! 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Happy Tuesday!!

I have two obsessions this week.

I am all about some Hunger Games. The previews for the movie looked good but I have a horrible habit of seeing movies without reading the book first (i.e. Twilight...yes I've seen all the movies so far and LOVED them...don't hate). The first book is AMAZING. I finished it in 2 days and so this week I'll be getting the next book. If you haven't read it.

Okay, maybe work isn't that bad...but close enough.

This is true. I would so be the first to die. Thank goodness I don't live in Panem.

Okay, enough being a Hunger Games Geek. My next obsession is the fact that I have signed up for the Peachtree Road Race which is a huge ATL 10k held every year on the 4th of July.

Once upon a time, when I was 15, I ran the PTRR. I remember it being fun and easy. I don't remember the hills or or the heat and I pretty sure it went by fairly quickly. However, I was 15. At 15 you have the ability to just pick up and run 6.2 miles without any training beforehand. But things are so different now....

So now i'm on a pretty serious training schedule. My personal trainer and I are working on getting my stronger and I'm working on my running and endurance. I'm doing a short version on C25K for the next 4 weeks and the bridge to 10K following that.

Obviously my plan is to run the whole way but who knows what will happen. I just want to finish the 6.2, walk, or crawl!

What are your obsessions this week?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Extra Credit

There are some things that we do in everyday life that we should get "extra" credit for. Let's face it....I want my extra credit to be in the form of calories burned.

So here are a few things that I think should count as cardio or "extra" calories burned...

Walking in Heels

I'm a shoe lover but I stand up about 60% of the time at work so I rarely rock heels at work but Lord knows I love 'em. It's hard, you have to balance, it hurts your calves, it hurts the balls of your feet, and by the end of the day all you want to do is take them off but for a girl like me that's only 5'2" they are a must.

Sitting in Traffic

(This is actually a portion of my commute...I was pumped to find it online!)
I'm late for work everyday (I could blame it on traffic but its mostly because I can never find an outfit to wear)...however there is nothing worse than being late for work or headed home on a super long day and seeing nothing but brake lights in front of you or some idiot who is driving 45 mph in the fast lane. I faced this today, my horn works. Rant over.

Eating Chocolate

 I don't have a good argument for this one. Chocolate should never count against you.

Having Spring Allergies

All week my eyes have been watery, my throat has been scratchy, I have had a killer headache, and my sinuses have beem draining. It sucks because its SO beautiful out. I guess I brought on myself since I was riding around like this...

Nothing beats the sunroof and 80 degree Atlanta spring weather!

So what did I miss?

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Time I Went Speed Dating

Mundane Monday. The weekend flew by way too fast as usual but I had a really great weekend complete with spoiled movie watching and speed dating...

So I'm sure you want to know all about speed dating but you'll have to wait (or cheat and scroll down...I can't really stop you I guess! haha!)

Friday night I had the best movie and dining experience ever! We went to CineBistro. Its one of those swanky movie theatres where they serve you real food in these huge comfy chairs that recline. TO DIE FOR!!! I never want to watch a movie the regular way again! #princessproblems

We saw the movie "This Mean War" with Reese Witherspoon. I won't give it away because its definitely worth seeing. Its got action for the guys and love, eye candy, and awesome fashion for the ladies. It's also very funny! I was pleasantly surprised! Reese looked AWESOME! All of her outfits were killer and the SHOES...OH THE SHOES! I counted at least 2 pair of Louboutins and one pair of Manolo Blahniks (yes I'm shoe obsessed...designer shoe obsessed to be more specific)

I couldn't find any good photos with the shoes but kudos to the costume designer on this movie. She looked awesome and it all translated really well.

So Saturday I was planning on hanging out at home and catching up on laundry and Lifetime movies with my Tagalong Girl Scout Cookies (I support ALL of our "troops") But one of my friends from my networking group called and asked if I wanted to go speed dating. I've always joked about doing it but never really took it seriously until I heard another friend talk about how she had met her current boyfriend (of 5 months!) speed dating. Why the heck not?

It started at 3 which made choosing an outfit tricky. After ravaging my closet much like I'd imagine the Tasmanian devil would, I finally came up with an outfit. I wanted to look put together, fun, while still feeling comfortable.

I met my friend at the bar where we had a drink before heading to the event. It was exactly what you would expect. The ladies sit at numbered tables and are given a name tag and the men move from table to table every five minutes to the sound of a bell. (Kind of like in Hitch)

The first "round" I didn't have anyone sitting at my table so I used the time to plan my questions. The weather was nice so that was a great go-to. I also stuck to the typical "what do you do/where are you from"

So let's face it. Dating in Atlanta is NO easy task. After about the third guy, they all started to look alike because NONE of them were my type. They were mostly socially awkward and a little dorky. Which is fine...for some...I'm pretty sure one guy (who had hands the size of an 8 year old) was the son of Norman Bates (you know from that scary movie...). I tried to be nice. I smiled, laughed, asked questions...but most of these guys were SO awkward. And the thing is, the majority of the women there seemed absolutely normal. Needless to say I didn't check yes to any of them.

Where are the men?

My friend and I came to the conclusion that women speed date because we have a hard time meeting quality men, however men speed date because they aren't comfortable approaching women in other settings...hence the normal girl/socially awkward guy scenario that we ran across.

So I think that men are in one of three places: Sports Bars, The Gym, or The Grocery Store. I haven't really been to any sports bars to find out (which is why I think that's where they are hiding). I do have a gym crush so there is at least ONE there, and I haven't proven or disproven my grocery store  theory.

All in all, I will not be speed dating again. I'm going to back to the drawing board for ideas to meet my future hubs.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

11 Heaven

I guess I'm super blogging this week to make up for the fact that I was totally M.I.A. last week. Anyway, I'm extremely stressed out from work and while I was perusing my favorite blogs today I ran across this cool little diddy at my buddy Ashley's blog. (Check it out its darn good!)

Anyway the premise of this game is first to list 11 fun facts, answer 11 questions, and ask 11 questions.

11 Fun Facts:

11. I love all dogs and while I would love to own a rottweiler one day, I've only owned shih-tzus my entire life...4 to be exact

My babes, London and Kingsley
10. When I find something I like (fashion-wise) I usually buy it in multiple colors...I have 5 Longchamp Handbags [black, brown, purple, yellow, orange]
9. My eyes are really sensitive to light so I always wear sunglasses, even when its mostly cloudy.

8. I can currently count about 16 bottles of perfume on my dresser

7. Cheeseburgers are my absolute favorite food and I am not one of those people that only eats gourmet burgers...I also love turkey burgers

6. Most of my coworkers wear sweatpants to work, our office is pretty casual, but I absolutely can not bring myself to do it, even on Fridays.

Typical Workday Oufit

5. When I'm really stressed out I can't sleep, which stresses me out even more

4. I never wear contacts, makeup, or brush my hair on Sundays that I don't have real plans (running errands does not count as real plans)

3. I have to sleep with a fan. When I don't, I wake up with a stuffy nose. I even passed up a really awesome apartment after college because it didn't have a hook up for a ceiling fan in the bedroom.

2. My grandmother did my laundry my entire freshman year of college. I never even knew where the laundry room was in our dorm. She would come pick it up and bring it back clean, folded, and ironed. She even ironed my t-shirts. I knew there was a reason I picked a school close to her and far away from my parents.

1. No matter what, the first thing I do when I walk in the house is take my shoes off. I kind of hate wearing shoes but I love looking at them. It's a strange relationship

11 Questions:

1.       Which Website do you visit the most?
It's a tie between Facebook and Spark...oh and Google because I need to know a lot of random facts and google knows everything.
2.       If you couldn't shave your legs or wax your eyebrows for the rest of your life, which would you choose? leg hair is very thin and soft so I usually go about 10 days between shaves but I inherited a terrible unibrow from my mother
3.       Name a talent you have
Uhhh...I can find really good deals at the mall?
4.       If you could meet one person, living or dead, who would it be?
It's hard to pick just one but I would want to learn more about all of my grandparents. From the stories that I've heard, especially about my grandfathers who both died when I was younger, they are fascinating people. (I guess this counts, because I've met them before, I just want to talk to them more)
5.       If you had to go on a reality TV or game show, which one would you choose?
I've always wanted to go on the Price Is Right, but I wouldn't mind gaining the lifestyle that Lauren Conrad earned from her years on "The Hills"...but I think I'd still pick Price Is Right, only if Bob Barker came back and hosted for that one show
6.       If you were president, what's one law you would make?
I would mandate a minimum amount of vacation days offered to full time employees (I only picked this because having some extra vacations days would SO benefit me right now!)
7.       What's your favorite smell? 
Curve, the green one...mostly because it reminds me of someone but it smells good too
8.       You have a spicy piece of gossip,  who's the first person you tell? 
Twitter. KIDDING. Probably my best friend
9.       What's your favorite thing about yourself?
I can usually find something positive in most situations. It's a good outlook to have.
10.  what's your favorite holiday?
Thanksgiving for sure. My grandma cooks a delish meal and our entire family goofs off, laughs, and spends a day being loud.
11. What did you want to be when you grew up?
My mom convinced me that I wanted to be lawyer but judging by the pictures of my perfectly matched outfits, fashion has always been in my veins.
Questions for you:
1. What's your signature dance move?
2. What dish do you cook exceptionally well?
3. What's your bad hair day know the "go-to" when you can't get your hair to do anything you want it to
4. Would you give up your cell phone for a week in order to earn more money?
5. What's the first thing you would do if you won the lottery?
6. Name one thing on your bucket list.
7. What is your favorite song?
8. Would you rather elope and have a fabulous honeymoon or a big wedding with no honeymoon?
9. Have you ever faked sick to get out of work?
10. How old were you when you had your first kiss?
11. Name one thing that if you forget in the morning you feel naked without all day.

Monday, March 5, 2012

GF Material

I strongly believe that the only thing a girls should chase is a shot, however I often find myself thinking about the things that I would have to offer in a relationship and the qualities that I possess that should make any man want to change this girl's single status. So here are some of the top reasons to why I'm wifey material.

Khole and Lamar are such a cool couple. I wanna be like them!

7. Sports, Beer, and Burgers: I make no secret of the fact that there are few things that I care about more than football. There is nothing that I love better than a fall Saturday filled with college football (Go Gamecocks!), sipping a cold beer, and eating a big juicy cheeseburger. I'm sure most guys would rather spend their weekends doing that then hanging out at the mall. I also work in sports so I'm required to keep up with current events in sports...translation: I watch SportsCenter every day.

6. I totally approve of man-caves: I love big-screen tv's, pool tables, mini-bars, poker tables..all of the above. I will never turn his man cave into a scrapbooking room because I've never made a scrapbook in my life.

5. While I spend hours a week in the gym, I still can't open jars. I can't fix anything to save my life. I know nothing about cars. And I'm 5'2" so I can't reach anything up high. With that said, my boyfriend will always feel like a man. (Don't get me wrong I'm an I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T woman, but I can play the damsel in distress game quite well!)

4. I have great cleavage and men like that. Enough said.

3. I don't like to cuddle [while sleeping or while my body temperature is at all elevated]. I don't need to spoon all night, in fact, I would prefer that we don't even touch while we are asleep. That is not to say that we can't cuddle infront of a fire on a cold night...jussayin.

2. I'll let you guess this one by the photo...haha

1. And kick ass personality.

[Sooo...if any of you know any bachelors feel free to pass this list on...jussayin]

Sunday, March 4, 2012

I Vow.

Sorry I was MIA last week! I had more events on my social calendar in the last week than I've had since I moved to Atlanta total. Hopefully this week will be a little calmer because I can feel my body tiring out a little.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about my friendships. When I was in high school I had a group of 10 close friends. I thought that we would be friends forever and be each others bridesmaids. Over the years I lost touch with all of these girls but one. They have mostly kept in touch with each other but somehow I got left out the equation. One of the ten got married last weekend and I was kind of bummed that I wasn't able to be apart of it because our friendship got lost somewhere.

I have this grand idea that my friendships should be like Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda. Girls, I would hang out with all the time, that would all be friends with each other...that I would talk to about everything. As an adult this hasn't happened yet for me.

Don't get me wrong. I have some amazing friends and I'm starting to put myself out there to continue to make good friends. I'm very excited about my budding friendships as well as some of my friendships that I've had for awhile. Let's face it, I can't hang out with my dad every weekend.

So I've decided to make a vow to be a good friend...
to reach out to girls that I know
to make and keep plans with them
to go shopping with them
to chat with them
to gossip (only a little)
to get manis and pedis
to listen to their problems
to eat raw cookie dough and talk about bad dates
to take roadtrips
to celebrate birthdays
to bring them chicken noodle soup when they're sick
to invite them to zumba
to share beauty secrets
to laugh
to love
as long as our friendship shall live.