Sunday, January 15, 2012

Grocery Store Matchmaking

Part of my life YFF means that I am single (well its complicated but that's a whole different blog post). Atlanta is an interesting place to date. Apparently the ratio of ( know single and straight) men to women is that makes finding eligible prospects a daunting task to say the least. In college dating was easy. Step 1: Go to a bar and find hot guy Step 2: Take shots with said hot guy and commence make out sesh Step 3: Hang out with hot guy sober and realize he's immature Step 4: Repeat step 1 through 3 with new hot guy. [note: I have never done this, I just heard that's how it works]

Anyway, now that the college days are over and done with, there are new ways to meet elligible (more likeable) bachelor's. I applaud my best friend, who recently met a guy while she was out to lunch with her sister. Their waiter was a certified hottie so she hit on him, got his number, and they've been texting ever since. Talk about taking charge!

For some reason, I have this grand idea that the grocery store is the perfect place to meet men. I have even gone so far as to strategically plan which store I go to to find a man in the produce aisle. I've been close to having this almost happen. The first time I found a bachelor type in the bread aisle. I decided that I was going to secretly follow him and start up a conversation about Mrs. Butterworth vs. Aunt Jemima. When I got to the end of the aisle behind him, he was greeted by Ms. Perky Girlfriend, who had gone to grab tampons. FAIL. The second time, I was picking up a few quick items for a work pot-luck and a group of firefighters were grabbing dinner subs from the sandwich counter. There was one in particular who naturally was a hunk of burning love. I kept running into him in every aisle but never got up the nerve to say anything. NOT WINNING. 

But there is an art to finding a single man perusing the cartons with the unbroken eggs.
  1. Check out his grocery cart. A single man has basics and basics only. Steak, milk, cheese, toilet paper, and beer (brownie points for dog treats). A taken man has an identical cart to yours...fruit at the bottom yogurt, Lean Cuisines, and Kashi Granola bars all mean that girlfriend sent him to the store with a list.
  2. He looks clueless. A poor single guy looks like one of those little lab rats in a maze trying to find the end so he can get his prize. He's reading the aisle directories and beating a path up and down every other aisle in search of beef jerky.
  3. Nab him in the beer aisle. Somehow, all men know everything there is to know about every kind of beer there is (I guess its the same way women have infinite knowledge of designer handbags). Ask him what he reccomends since you are watching the (insert current sporting even here...NFL playoffs right not for my non-sports savvy readers) with a few friends and martinis and sports don't mix.
See, this perfect scenario is bound to happen. Okay so what's the secret? Where is the best place to meet men? 

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  1. First -You're BLOGGING?!?!? Yay!
    Secondly - 12:1 you are kidding me?!
    And Lastly, the grocery store scenario has always been my secret dream of meeting a guy! :)

    Happy Monday (is tha possible?!)
    XO, A