Sunday, January 15, 2012

This is Number One

Yay! My first official blog post! Woot! I hope someone reads it (other than me ofcourse). I kept a blog for a little bit in college and I've written a steady blog for the last six months over at Sparkpeople. (view my page and read my blogs here). That blog is mostly about weightloss and little bit about life.

My goal is for this blog is to be a little bit about everything. Fashion, life as a single 20-something, career, health and fitness, and other relevant life stuff.

Anyway enough with the jib-jab...on to my first post...

It's Saturday!!!  The weekends are a relatively new concept for me because as long as I've had a job its been in a retail store (or waiting tables). My current job (as a Merchandise Planner for a local Sports Retailer) has opened my eyes to Monday through Friday work weeks! Welcome to corporate America! The only thing that I dislike about weekends is that they go by way to fast.

I don't really have anything special planned this weekend except visiting my favorite place, THE MALL. There are some fashion trends that I'm dying to take part in so I've got a little shopping list in mind.

Cobalt Blue:
I already own a pair of Cobalt Blue denim. I've worn them once but I love this color and I love this trend. I'm thinking something I can wear more than once a flats

I wear a lot of flats to work because I spend a lot of time walking my stores and remerchandising so the more the merrier. Also, these can be worn with just about any color pant which is great. How cute with dark denim or black skinnies and a yellow cardigan?

Boot Socks:

I didn't think that I would love this trend when I first saw it. But it's really started to grow on me mainly because I doubled my boot collection this past fall (I avoided boots before because I have insanley large calves) and also because these things keep your feet so WARM. Since losing weight, I have this new found issue of always being cold and this really helped with my cold toes-ies. I need a pair of gray ones and another wild color.

Any outfit that makes me look this good:

I've wanted to get a hat (and pull it off) for a while, I love the preppy look of the white button up paired with the edgy leather jacket. And since I'm a celeb in my own mind the cool-kid sunglasses are a must.

I also need a new pair of black leggings, a neon skinny belt, and a cute sweater or two. Now the question remains...can I do this all for under $150??

Beyonce photo from Teen Vogue:
Cobalt Blue Flats from Wedding Bee:
Boot Socks from Free People:

Have a YFF weekend!

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  1. It is so much fun to find your style and all the new options this journey has opened up to us. I am thinking about Doc Martens with long full skirted floral dresses that I will be making myself. You reminded me that I need a new belt-the one I bought in September is too big.