Sunday, January 29, 2012

Flirting 101

While my relationship status at this moment should read "More confusing than Chinese arithmetic", one thing that I have established is that at the very least I will be shopping for someone to change it. With that said, I look for guys in two places....the gym and the grocery store (mostly because other than work, those are the only places I go and there isn't anyone at work...). Nothing has worked out for me at the grocery store yet but the gym is filled with lookers.

I definitely have a gym crush. If nothing else its motivation to go to the gym. We've never spoken anything other than "hey! how are you" but its mostly because I turn into a giddy little school girl and laugh awkwardly whenever he looks at me. I never know what to say or do. I have no idea how to flirt. So, like any modern young-fab-free girl, I googled "How to Flirt". I still don't know how to flirt BUT I did get a really good laugh from some of the advice that's out there. I thought I would share...

1. Lower your expectations: So what you're saying is, the cute guy I want to flirt with doesn't want me so I should flirt with someone less attractive? Okay so new standards: breathing. Got it.

2. Flirting is not appropriate everywhere, like at funerals: Thank you Captain Obvious.

3. Use body language to hint at your romantic intentions: All I can think is this....

Creepy much?

4. If you think you look like an idiot just laugh at yourself: I've already been doing that and its not working...

5. Make consistent eye contact: Cue death stare.

6. What you say is not important: So mention that I've already planned our wedding on Pinterest and
that I've already named our 2 children. Check!

7. If the person seems unresponsive they are possibly on the autism spectrum: WTF? No comment.

8. If they say something nerdy say, "You usually hang out at the library don't you": How does this qualify as flirting?

9. Trip, fall into his arms and say "Man, I thought I was falling into a wall because your pecs are so hard": hahaha...actually...that might work...
10. Grab his butt: I guess that would get his attention...

So while I won't be trying these the next time I run into my gym crush...there is someone out there right now that might be and that worries me!!

What are your best (or worst!) flirting tips??

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I got my W-2's today. Normally I would be excited at the thought of getting a little extra shopping money from Uncle Sam but for some reason this time I got an eerie feeling. It was like suddenly I transitioned from a "college-kid" to a real life adult. I mean I've been out of college for awhile now and this is like the 8th W-2 I've gotten in my life. The only thing was this one felt different. I can't be an adult! I still have some horrible non-adult-like habits.

I don't always wash my face before bed. Let me explain...I have been blessed with the wonderful gift of good skin so I don't wear a lot of makeup and I only break out (which for me is one pimple) around the same time as Mother Nature's Monthly Gift. So I don't feel the need to wash my face and waste all that soap. Or maybe I'm just lazy. Either way I usually wake up slightly resembling a racoon and wash my face first thing after I wake up. (I am however deathly afraid of the dentist so I'm an amazing tooth brusher!)

I have terrible road rage. This is kind of ironic because I'm not the best driver (mostly because I get bored while driving and pay more attention to the radio or whatever I'm thinking about than the road) HOWEVER, let one person cut me off or drive 55 mph in the fast lane and I lay on my horn. I once took my car in for service and they tried to upsell me one of those packages where they say the check everything and then charge you $ of the things they were going to check was the horn. I just laughed. I check that daily.

Nothing creeps me out more than ear wax. I'm not even going to share the story about seeing another persons ear wax...built up in the ear...ewww...okay I think you get it. After this horrible experience, I've been slightly obsessed with not having waxy ears which means that my gross at home habit consist of me constantly cleaning out my ears. Weird. I know. Once I even got an ear infection but the doctor said I cleaned it too much and the ear wax couldn't serve its purpose of keeping the germs out. Whoops. Ear wax is still gross.

I am NO housewife. I'm a horrible cook (ask my dad about the time I tried to make mac and cheese) and I hate all chores. I hate cleaning. I hate washing dishes. I hate folding clothes. I hate sweeping. I hate mopping. I hate vacuming. I hate making my bed. I hate dusting. I hate everything related to housework except a maid. I'm sure the ladies of Real Housewives of ATL would agree. (I saw Phaedra shopping a few weeks ago and I think she would agree the most!)

You see...I'm no adult. Adults don't behave this way. I'm in adulthood limbo. I'm living and adult hood facade. I'm not an adult. I'm a....twenty-five.

So tell me...what are some of your bad habits??

Sunday, January 22, 2012

When I Grow Up

I had the privelege over the weekend to see a women's college basketball game. Now, as you may know I work in a sports-centric industry and am somewhat of a sports nut. However, basketball has never been at the top of my list...maybe I secretly resent it because I've never been tall enough to play. But basketball runs in my genes. You see my dad was a star bball player back in the day. He was one of the best players in South Carolina and even went to college on a basketball scholarship.

(this picture is from his Senior year of High School....wasn't he a looker?!) Look at those shorts and socks! haha!!

Anyway, basketball played a major part in my dads life so in his honor I have his basketball number, 24, inked on me.

But yesterday, during the game, I noticed real athleticism. Did I mention that these were WOMEN playing. They were hustling up and down the court (full sprints!), they were coordinated, aggressive, and incredibly skilled. It was really inspiring. These girls were as good as any mens team and the game was incredibly exciting to watch! I was jealous [and I mean that in the best way possible].

When I grow up...I want to be a basketball player! There are so many benefits...

First of all they are in INSANE shape. I read that on average in a game they can run about 10 miles...seriously...I knew they were doing a ton of running but TEN miles while dribbling and basically fighting other basketball chicks off you is no joke.

There is also the possibility that your life will turn out a lot like Sanaa Lathan's character (Sydney) in Love and Baskeball (aka my favorite movie ever...)

Because obviously as a women's player you get to hang out with the boys team all the time too right? Who doesn't want to fall in love and play basketball with a hot player like my "not-so-secret" crush D-Wade.

I usually go for football players but for Mr. Wade I will definitely make an exception...look at those arms...mmmmm.

OK back to reality.

The fact of the matter is that watching women's basketball made me realize that being a young, fab, free, and fit girl is pretty cool and definitely something that I aspire to be. All female athletes are inspiring to me. I want to be one and I'm definitely working on it.

Have a good week :-)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Say No To Granny Panties

I don't usually make New Year's resolutions but this year I did promise to make some changes starting with Granny Panties.

Yes it's true. This fashionable, outgoing, young, woman is guilty of rocking plain black cotton GP's. To be honest, this really just started happening as I gained weight. Cute undies didn't fit well and were uncomfortable and the GP's covered the whole of my big ass. I felt like I was being fair if I only purchased black ones

(cut to that scene in Ten Things I Hate About You where she says that you only own black underwear if you want someone to see them)

(tangent: best quote of that movie is "I know you can be overwhelmed and you can be underwhelmed...but can you just be whelmed?")


Since there is nothing young, fab, or free about GP's (or VPL for that matter)...I decided that I will be completely revamping my entire undie drawer. Let's face it, the better you look the better you feel. This definitely goes for what's underneath as well...even if nobody ever sees it. So maybe I won't look like I just stepped off a Vicki's runway, but I sure as heck will feel like it and who couldn't use that confidence boost? So thats it, I'm done with GP's...except in laundry emergencies (aka I've been to lazy to laundry and these are the only underwear I have left).

It's decided...


Tuesday, January 17, 2012


There are always things that I discover and become obsessed with pretty quickly (and then a few weeks later I forget about them and move on to new obsessions). Here are some things that I'm obsessed with this week

1. Frye Melissa Button Boots

These were my amazing Christmas present from my mom (I didn't think I was going to get them because of the price) so imagine my surprise when my mom ordered them for me the day after Christmas. They were on backorder so I just got them in the mail last week. Needless to say I've already worn them 3 times. Oh and did I mention they feel like butta!

2. Strawberries

This is the second week in a row that I've bought them and can I say they are good with everything! I've been putting them on salads, putting them in smoothies, eating them for dessert. I'm definitely obsessed!

3. Almonds

This one is funny because growing up I always used to lie about being allergic to nuts because I didn't like them. The other day someone at work had almonds and was being extra pushy about offering them in a meeting. I tried them and instantly fell in love! I bought some in bulk and divided them up into little baggies. They have been the perfect mid-day snack and I don't know how I lived 25 years without them.

4. My own running abilities

Okay I'm not THAT into myself but I amazed myself yesterday on the treadmill. I traveled (I say that because I ran some and walked some) 3.5 miles. What amazed me was that I ran for 39 minutes total...about 2.5 miles. Now, some may read that and be like "pfft...nothing to brag about" but the most I had run before yesterday was 25 to make it that long for me is a HUGE deal. Can I call myself a runner now?


I used to shop at Zara before I gained too much weight to fit in their largest size (and had to move to the dreaded LB for clothes). Now that I'm slimming up, there are some stores that are reopened to my shopping trips. Saturday while I was at the mall I decided that I would just go in and see what I could find. To my surprise there were a ton of things that fit me! I got an awesome striped tee, a kelly green cardi, and a black off the shoulder tee that zips in the back. Wooo!!! I'll try to pretend that my closet isn't overflowing right now...

So what are you obsessed with this week?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Grocery Store Matchmaking

Part of my life YFF means that I am single (well its complicated but that's a whole different blog post). Atlanta is an interesting place to date. Apparently the ratio of ( know single and straight) men to women is that makes finding eligible prospects a daunting task to say the least. In college dating was easy. Step 1: Go to a bar and find hot guy Step 2: Take shots with said hot guy and commence make out sesh Step 3: Hang out with hot guy sober and realize he's immature Step 4: Repeat step 1 through 3 with new hot guy. [note: I have never done this, I just heard that's how it works]

Anyway, now that the college days are over and done with, there are new ways to meet elligible (more likeable) bachelor's. I applaud my best friend, who recently met a guy while she was out to lunch with her sister. Their waiter was a certified hottie so she hit on him, got his number, and they've been texting ever since. Talk about taking charge!

For some reason, I have this grand idea that the grocery store is the perfect place to meet men. I have even gone so far as to strategically plan which store I go to to find a man in the produce aisle. I've been close to having this almost happen. The first time I found a bachelor type in the bread aisle. I decided that I was going to secretly follow him and start up a conversation about Mrs. Butterworth vs. Aunt Jemima. When I got to the end of the aisle behind him, he was greeted by Ms. Perky Girlfriend, who had gone to grab tampons. FAIL. The second time, I was picking up a few quick items for a work pot-luck and a group of firefighters were grabbing dinner subs from the sandwich counter. There was one in particular who naturally was a hunk of burning love. I kept running into him in every aisle but never got up the nerve to say anything. NOT WINNING. 

But there is an art to finding a single man perusing the cartons with the unbroken eggs.
  1. Check out his grocery cart. A single man has basics and basics only. Steak, milk, cheese, toilet paper, and beer (brownie points for dog treats). A taken man has an identical cart to yours...fruit at the bottom yogurt, Lean Cuisines, and Kashi Granola bars all mean that girlfriend sent him to the store with a list.
  2. He looks clueless. A poor single guy looks like one of those little lab rats in a maze trying to find the end so he can get his prize. He's reading the aisle directories and beating a path up and down every other aisle in search of beef jerky.
  3. Nab him in the beer aisle. Somehow, all men know everything there is to know about every kind of beer there is (I guess its the same way women have infinite knowledge of designer handbags). Ask him what he reccomends since you are watching the (insert current sporting even here...NFL playoffs right not for my non-sports savvy readers) with a few friends and martinis and sports don't mix.
See, this perfect scenario is bound to happen. Okay so what's the secret? Where is the best place to meet men? 

This is Number One

Yay! My first official blog post! Woot! I hope someone reads it (other than me ofcourse). I kept a blog for a little bit in college and I've written a steady blog for the last six months over at Sparkpeople. (view my page and read my blogs here). That blog is mostly about weightloss and little bit about life.

My goal is for this blog is to be a little bit about everything. Fashion, life as a single 20-something, career, health and fitness, and other relevant life stuff.

Anyway enough with the jib-jab...on to my first post...

It's Saturday!!!  The weekends are a relatively new concept for me because as long as I've had a job its been in a retail store (or waiting tables). My current job (as a Merchandise Planner for a local Sports Retailer) has opened my eyes to Monday through Friday work weeks! Welcome to corporate America! The only thing that I dislike about weekends is that they go by way to fast.

I don't really have anything special planned this weekend except visiting my favorite place, THE MALL. There are some fashion trends that I'm dying to take part in so I've got a little shopping list in mind.

Cobalt Blue:
I already own a pair of Cobalt Blue denim. I've worn them once but I love this color and I love this trend. I'm thinking something I can wear more than once a flats

I wear a lot of flats to work because I spend a lot of time walking my stores and remerchandising so the more the merrier. Also, these can be worn with just about any color pant which is great. How cute with dark denim or black skinnies and a yellow cardigan?

Boot Socks:

I didn't think that I would love this trend when I first saw it. But it's really started to grow on me mainly because I doubled my boot collection this past fall (I avoided boots before because I have insanley large calves) and also because these things keep your feet so WARM. Since losing weight, I have this new found issue of always being cold and this really helped with my cold toes-ies. I need a pair of gray ones and another wild color.

Any outfit that makes me look this good:

I've wanted to get a hat (and pull it off) for a while, I love the preppy look of the white button up paired with the edgy leather jacket. And since I'm a celeb in my own mind the cool-kid sunglasses are a must.

I also need a new pair of black leggings, a neon skinny belt, and a cute sweater or two. Now the question remains...can I do this all for under $150??

Beyonce photo from Teen Vogue:
Cobalt Blue Flats from Wedding Bee:
Boot Socks from Free People:

Have a YFF weekend!