Sunday, April 15, 2012

You're Stuck on an Island

Everyone has played that're stuck on an island and you can bring 3 things. What do you bring? My version of the game is a little different, its the three condiments I can't live without. I put one of these sauces on food 99% of the time.

1. A1...I put this tangy goodness on everything. Burgers, chicken, pork chops, steak, fish...A1 is my favorite. I always have it in the fridge.

I should start buying it in this size. It's probably cheaper.

2. Ranch. I think this one speaks for itself. Ranch and french fries...yes. Chicken nuggets and french fries...yes. Veggies and ranch...yes. Fried pickles and ranch...yes! Seriously...if it doesn't go with A1 it probably goes with french fries...or both! Have you ever had a baked potato with ranch? soooo good!

3. I guess you're wondering what I would put on sweet stuff...this was a tough one because there are a lot of good sweet sauces out there. The winner is definitely Nutella. Nutella and fruit, toast, cookies, graham crackers. Nutella is delicious!!

As I was searching for a Nutella photo...I found this...


So what sauces or comdiments can you not live without?

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