Monday, April 16, 2012


My weekday morning routine is always the same...

Step 1: Hit Snooze
Step 2: Sleep for 8 more minutes (I'm always paranoid that I accidently turned the alarm off so I never make it the entire time)
Step 3: Check emails
Step 4: Respond to any emails from my boss's boss who likes to send emails at 5 AM (so basically I pretend that I've been up working since 5 AM too)
Step 5: Forward good shopping related emails to my mom
Step 6: Get out of bed (15 minutes later...good thing I set my alarm to go off early...I have an additional alarm set to remind me to get in the shower)

Yes. This my actual alarm...and no it still never seems to get me out the house on time!

Usually I don't pay attention to models much further than what they have on and how I can make it work on my not-so modelesque body. But then I opened up an email (from one of my favorite I actually used to work for) and I saw this...

 Is it me or is she WAY skinny? I understand that she is on the runway but she does NOT represent the majority of real life women. I don't knock skinny girls ever, but what about the strong, healthy girl? What about the girl that hits the gym up and has the muscles to prove it? What about the girl that has thunder thighs because she can leg press 325 lbs?

No worries model girl...I'll do some extra squats for you when I hit the gym at 6 AM.

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