Monday, March 12, 2012

The Time I Went Speed Dating

Mundane Monday. The weekend flew by way too fast as usual but I had a really great weekend complete with spoiled movie watching and speed dating...

So I'm sure you want to know all about speed dating but you'll have to wait (or cheat and scroll down...I can't really stop you I guess! haha!)

Friday night I had the best movie and dining experience ever! We went to CineBistro. Its one of those swanky movie theatres where they serve you real food in these huge comfy chairs that recline. TO DIE FOR!!! I never want to watch a movie the regular way again! #princessproblems

We saw the movie "This Mean War" with Reese Witherspoon. I won't give it away because its definitely worth seeing. Its got action for the guys and love, eye candy, and awesome fashion for the ladies. It's also very funny! I was pleasantly surprised! Reese looked AWESOME! All of her outfits were killer and the SHOES...OH THE SHOES! I counted at least 2 pair of Louboutins and one pair of Manolo Blahniks (yes I'm shoe obsessed...designer shoe obsessed to be more specific)

I couldn't find any good photos with the shoes but kudos to the costume designer on this movie. She looked awesome and it all translated really well.

So Saturday I was planning on hanging out at home and catching up on laundry and Lifetime movies with my Tagalong Girl Scout Cookies (I support ALL of our "troops") But one of my friends from my networking group called and asked if I wanted to go speed dating. I've always joked about doing it but never really took it seriously until I heard another friend talk about how she had met her current boyfriend (of 5 months!) speed dating. Why the heck not?

It started at 3 which made choosing an outfit tricky. After ravaging my closet much like I'd imagine the Tasmanian devil would, I finally came up with an outfit. I wanted to look put together, fun, while still feeling comfortable.

I met my friend at the bar where we had a drink before heading to the event. It was exactly what you would expect. The ladies sit at numbered tables and are given a name tag and the men move from table to table every five minutes to the sound of a bell. (Kind of like in Hitch)

The first "round" I didn't have anyone sitting at my table so I used the time to plan my questions. The weather was nice so that was a great go-to. I also stuck to the typical "what do you do/where are you from"

So let's face it. Dating in Atlanta is NO easy task. After about the third guy, they all started to look alike because NONE of them were my type. They were mostly socially awkward and a little dorky. Which is fine...for some...I'm pretty sure one guy (who had hands the size of an 8 year old) was the son of Norman Bates (you know from that scary movie...). I tried to be nice. I smiled, laughed, asked questions...but most of these guys were SO awkward. And the thing is, the majority of the women there seemed absolutely normal. Needless to say I didn't check yes to any of them.

Where are the men?

My friend and I came to the conclusion that women speed date because we have a hard time meeting quality men, however men speed date because they aren't comfortable approaching women in other settings...hence the normal girl/socially awkward guy scenario that we ran across.

So I think that men are in one of three places: Sports Bars, The Gym, or The Grocery Store. I haven't really been to any sports bars to find out (which is why I think that's where they are hiding). I do have a gym crush so there is at least ONE there, and I haven't proven or disproven my grocery store  theory.

All in all, I will not be speed dating again. I'm going to back to the drawing board for ideas to meet my future hubs.

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  1. oh my gosh i can't believe you did this! Too funny! You are so brave! But really - WHERE are the men?!?!

    I love the backdrop of your outfit pic - haha. This is typically what my bedroom looks like mon-fri!

    must visit the movie palace again sometime soon!!