Wednesday, March 7, 2012

11 Heaven

I guess I'm super blogging this week to make up for the fact that I was totally M.I.A. last week. Anyway, I'm extremely stressed out from work and while I was perusing my favorite blogs today I ran across this cool little diddy at my buddy Ashley's blog. (Check it out its darn good!)

Anyway the premise of this game is first to list 11 fun facts, answer 11 questions, and ask 11 questions.

11 Fun Facts:

11. I love all dogs and while I would love to own a rottweiler one day, I've only owned shih-tzus my entire life...4 to be exact

My babes, London and Kingsley
10. When I find something I like (fashion-wise) I usually buy it in multiple colors...I have 5 Longchamp Handbags [black, brown, purple, yellow, orange]
9. My eyes are really sensitive to light so I always wear sunglasses, even when its mostly cloudy.

8. I can currently count about 16 bottles of perfume on my dresser

7. Cheeseburgers are my absolute favorite food and I am not one of those people that only eats gourmet burgers...I also love turkey burgers

6. Most of my coworkers wear sweatpants to work, our office is pretty casual, but I absolutely can not bring myself to do it, even on Fridays.

Typical Workday Oufit

5. When I'm really stressed out I can't sleep, which stresses me out even more

4. I never wear contacts, makeup, or brush my hair on Sundays that I don't have real plans (running errands does not count as real plans)

3. I have to sleep with a fan. When I don't, I wake up with a stuffy nose. I even passed up a really awesome apartment after college because it didn't have a hook up for a ceiling fan in the bedroom.

2. My grandmother did my laundry my entire freshman year of college. I never even knew where the laundry room was in our dorm. She would come pick it up and bring it back clean, folded, and ironed. She even ironed my t-shirts. I knew there was a reason I picked a school close to her and far away from my parents.

1. No matter what, the first thing I do when I walk in the house is take my shoes off. I kind of hate wearing shoes but I love looking at them. It's a strange relationship

11 Questions:

1.       Which Website do you visit the most?
It's a tie between Facebook and Spark...oh and Google because I need to know a lot of random facts and google knows everything.
2.       If you couldn't shave your legs or wax your eyebrows for the rest of your life, which would you choose? leg hair is very thin and soft so I usually go about 10 days between shaves but I inherited a terrible unibrow from my mother
3.       Name a talent you have
Uhhh...I can find really good deals at the mall?
4.       If you could meet one person, living or dead, who would it be?
It's hard to pick just one but I would want to learn more about all of my grandparents. From the stories that I've heard, especially about my grandfathers who both died when I was younger, they are fascinating people. (I guess this counts, because I've met them before, I just want to talk to them more)
5.       If you had to go on a reality TV or game show, which one would you choose?
I've always wanted to go on the Price Is Right, but I wouldn't mind gaining the lifestyle that Lauren Conrad earned from her years on "The Hills"...but I think I'd still pick Price Is Right, only if Bob Barker came back and hosted for that one show
6.       If you were president, what's one law you would make?
I would mandate a minimum amount of vacation days offered to full time employees (I only picked this because having some extra vacations days would SO benefit me right now!)
7.       What's your favorite smell? 
Curve, the green one...mostly because it reminds me of someone but it smells good too
8.       You have a spicy piece of gossip,  who's the first person you tell? 
Twitter. KIDDING. Probably my best friend
9.       What's your favorite thing about yourself?
I can usually find something positive in most situations. It's a good outlook to have.
10.  what's your favorite holiday?
Thanksgiving for sure. My grandma cooks a delish meal and our entire family goofs off, laughs, and spends a day being loud.
11. What did you want to be when you grew up?
My mom convinced me that I wanted to be lawyer but judging by the pictures of my perfectly matched outfits, fashion has always been in my veins.
Questions for you:
1. What's your signature dance move?
2. What dish do you cook exceptionally well?
3. What's your bad hair day know the "go-to" when you can't get your hair to do anything you want it to
4. Would you give up your cell phone for a week in order to earn more money?
5. What's the first thing you would do if you won the lottery?
6. Name one thing on your bucket list.
7. What is your favorite song?
8. Would you rather elope and have a fabulous honeymoon or a big wedding with no honeymoon?
9. Have you ever faked sick to get out of work?
10. How old were you when you had your first kiss?
11. Name one thing that if you forget in the morning you feel naked without all day.

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  1. ok i read this at work but didnt have time to comment too! haha cheeseburgers and perfume - totally my favs! i might have to see if cenebistro has this on their menu -the burgers (obviously) ;)

    Please take me with you when you go on the price is right. AND your grandma did your laundry for you in college? way to hook a sister up?! haha kidding -that's awesome. grandma's are the best!

    eee can't wait for tomorrow!