Wednesday, February 22, 2012


As usual, I've found a few things that I'm obsessing over right now and I thought I would share because there is no need to be selfish!

My new bedspread from IKEA. LOVE! First of all it was only $40 and suddenly I've been sleeping a lot better. I usually don't decorate so girly but I'm loving this!

If you get nothing else out of this blog, go buy this dip. One of my coworkers introduced me to it and I've been addicted ever since. It's spicy and delicious. I'm trying to encourage everyone to buy it since it's a limited edition. I figure if tons of people buy it then they'll keep it around. SO GOOD. You can buy it at Publix. Find one near you NOW! (Apparently Publix is only in the southeast so if there isn't one near you I'll mail you some!)

I love Sharpie pens and will only use them at work when taking notes. Last week when hanging out at my local wally-world I discovered that Sharpie is now making these suckers in purple, also known as my new favorite color. Let's just say all of my notes since last Thursday look alike.

I noticed the left side of my face is constantly breaking out (which is abnormal for me because I'm blessed with really good skin) and I realized that I always hold my phone on that side. With the way work has been lately I'm ALWAYS on the phone (thank the Lord for unlimited minutes!) I started using my earbuds for talking and LOVE them. The sound is so clear, I can use my hands for other stuff, and my face can breathe! Yay!
I used to think it was crap that bottled water tastes better than tap water. I'm all about some good 'ol faucet water (I mean my mom works for the water department so it's gotta be okay!) but I decided to get Smartwater out of the blue one day and it is DELICIOUS. I mean it has this great crisp, clean, refreshing taste and I'm obsessed...even if it is a cool 1.79 a bottle...ouch. But it's worth every penny.

Finally, I'm totally obsessed with instagram (if you can't tell from my multiple instagrammed photos) It's probably the coolest app I have.

What are you obsessed right now? Share!

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