Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I'm alive! I know, I didn't blog much at all last week. Work has been INSANE. The company I'm working for is in a very huge growth period and there is TONS to do. I'm doing like 3 people's jobs at once. I also spent the weekend winding down in Charlotte with two of my best friends, which I needed for the weekend. So please accept my apology and don't write me off yet.

Last week, I wrote a blog over at Spark about the horrible plateau that is currently happening in my body. (You can read it here). After doing some research and listening to other people's comments I've decided that I have two problems...I'm not eating enough and my body is holding on to all the food I put in to compensate. So I'm working on it and hopefully I'll start back losing soon.

Since I've started losing weight I've been restricted to stretchy pants. I do not have a pair of jeans or slacks in my closet right now that fits. NOT A PAIR. That isn't a complaint, but it makes getting this fashionista dressed every morning a pain and all my outfits are starting to look alike...NOT CHIC.

Over the weekend I went on a pants quest. I went to the GAP because in the past it's been easy for me to find pants. The sales lady was very helpful (and won serious brownie points when she complimented my progress).  I haven't really bought pants in awhile so I wasn't sure what size I was. All my 16's at home were just a tad big (and end up sagging by the end of the day) but I didn't think I was quite slim enough to be a 14. So I asked to have both. Turns out, I probably need a 15...but since that's not available I had to decide what to do. I tried on the 14's kind of thinking that they wouldn't make it past my hips but LOW AND BEHOLD the heavens opened up and they made it over the top AND buttoned!! WOOOOO! They are mostly made of spandex because they are jeggings but I DON'T CARE!

I rocked them to work yesterday...

Yay for NSV's!!! (Non Scale Victories!)


  1. WHOOO HOOOO! Loved this post....and your new jeggings! That outfit is so chic....I will be copying it ;) See ya tonight!

  2. Going down a pant size, stretchy or non strechy is AWESOME!! It's the best feeling!