Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Shape It Up

Sorry for the delay but wait no more the next post is here!

The thing about the holidays is that there are a TON of social events, which gives the opportunity for lots of outfits. The problem with me is that I keep forgetting to take pics. I had this awesome Olivia Pallermo inspired outfit on Saturday when I went ice skating (side bar, if you ever want to feel old, go ice skating!) and I totally forgot to get a good pic.

I'm constantly using Pinterest for work ideas. I mean lets face it, you can only style black slacks so many ways. I'm definitely looking for new ways to style skirts because I think it takes the right outfit to make a skirt look really classy at work, especially for the curvy ladies. I changed this one up a bit to fit my colors, my style, and items that are already in my closet, a little bit better but I think I pulled off the over all styling and shape of the outfit. You be the judge.

Dress: Jennifer Lopez for Kohl's
Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft
Belt: New York and Company
Scarf: Who knows....
Tights: HUE via TJ Maxx
Boots: JC Penney

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