Monday, December 10, 2012

Coming Soon: The Gift

So I am totally revamping  my blog which is extra exciting. I'm constantly looking on Pinterest for outfit ideas for work, play, and what ever else. I kind of live in the Women's Fashion category. I have been blessed with the gift of styling, basically I can take a normal outfit and make it work for different body types. With this gift I end up being everyones personal shopper. I can't lie, its a pretty fun gig.

During my exploration on Pinterest, I'm always seeing cute outfits on real people but there is one issue. They ALL have the same body type...tall, thin, modelesque. Don't get me wrong, thats all well and good but I have boobs and butt and I need those cute outfits to translate. I can do it for me and I'd like to share that with others. So part of my blog revamp will be focusing on these outfits. I'm pumped!

I've already started to put some things together already so look for new stuff this week!!!

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